Hi, I am Alexandra.

I live and work as a designer between Athens & Tinos island.

The creative process for me begins during the summer while strolling around the island's most peculiar places,

in order to discover architectural shapes and natural elements that can be later redesigned. Back to my office in Athens

I draw shapes and create minimal designs out of these photos, which later I test on walls, fabric, and other materials. 

So my everyday routine on the island is full of walking and photographing,

while my city routine includes lots of sketches, computer work, and embroidery! 

I create art because it is my way of escaping reality, a way of breathing in everyday city life. 




Temporary mail & home-studio address

Iokastis 5, (Ano Ilisia area) 15772 Athens-Greece, T. +30 693 2484774, info@theroundbutton.com

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