Small prints set 3

Small prints set 3

Small prints set - Forest Greens


A unique graphic prints set of 6 high end small art paper goods in muted dark colors - weathered style, that will upgrade your wall in style. Chic office or living room wall decor, easy to separate in two sets of three so you can decorate two different rooms. Using a big mat around each print will instantly elevate the design. Those who love paper goods will appreciate this set. A great new home housewarming gift, and a treat for all design lovers. Heavy, textured paper 320gr, printed on the backside as well, featuring the story of each design.


Packaged in a custom made folder-box. Each box contains 6 designs and 3 photographic - inspiration prints. All are part of the ''Aegean on your wall'' collection, destined for people who love simple lines and fell in love with the simple beauty of the Greek islands.


* 10,7 x 13,7 cm / 4.25" x 5.4" *

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